The Pretty One

While the visual trick of watching the same actor play different roles on screen at the same time is the one that usually wows audiences, it can be easy forget the skill such a performance requires. Creating one complete character for a film is a challenge enough, but developing two — and then acting "opposite" those creations — requires deft talents. But Zoe Kazan is more than up to the task in "The Pretty One."

Written and directed by Jenée LaMarque, and co-starring "New Girl" star Jake Johnson, the coming of age comedy centers on twin sisters Laurel and Audrey (played by Kazan). But after the "prettier" twin Audrey dies, Laurel assumes her life, moving into her apartment and striking up a relationship with her next door neighbor. It's everything she's wanted, but can she continue to pretend to be someone she's not? It's a high wire concept, but one that's pulled off successfully, with our review from last year's Tribeca Film Festival stating that it's "engaging and sweet" with "a real sense for mood, tone and style."

"The Pretty One" opens in limited release on February 7th. Watch the exclusive below to see Kazan in both roles.