Of course, nothing has been sacred when it comes to "Family Guy" and making jokes. No subject, person, historical event or [insert whatever] has been out of bounds for the creators, so as the four-time Emmy winning show gears up for another campaign, they've put last year's breakout show firmly on their radar.

A new For Your Consideration has dropped for the show, with an animated riff on the standard "Girls" promo image for the first season, featuring none other than Peter Griffin as Hannah Horvath. Obviously. If that's not enough, the quippy tagline adds: "Here's A Load Of Comedy To Shoot On Your Chest." Which, of course, "Girls" fans know is a callback to one of Adam's many awkward sexual escapades on the show in which he -- yes -- unloaded on his girlfriend. 

Clever? Not really. But it's nice change of pace from the straightforward campaigning/begging that usually goes on during the awards season. Check it out below. [AdRants]

Family Guy For Your Consideration Poster