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Fantastic Fest's 2014 Line-Up Includes Kevin Smith's 'Tusk,' 'The Babadook,' 'ABCs of Death 2' & More

Photo of Oliver Lyttelton By Oliver Lyttelton | The Playlist August 5, 2014 at 12:28PM

Fall festival season is fast approaching, with the Venice Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and the New York Film Festival each unveiling glimpses of their lineups over the last few weeks. But let's not forget their deviant little Texan cousin, Fantastic Fest. The genre-led festival in Austin, which like the more established events is essentially spring break for movie buffs but with karaoke and queso instead of sex and drugs, is heading into its tenth year and just announced the first additions to its 2014 line-up.

Fall festival season is fast approaching, with the Venice Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and the New York Film Festival each unveiling glimpses of their lineups over the last few weeks. But let's not forget their deviant little Texan cousin, Fantastic Fest. The genre-led festival in Austin, which like the more established events is essentially spring break for movie buffs but with karaoke and queso instead of sex and drugs, is heading into its tenth year and just announced the first additions to its 2014 line-up.

Among the big ticket items are the U.S. premiere of Kevin Smith's "Tusk," which is heading to TIFF first, the world premiere of "The ABCs of Death 2," as well as "The Babadook," "Jacky Au Royaume Des Femmes" and "V/H/S Viral," alongside an international selection of genre pictures.

There will be more announcements to come, but in the meantime, you can peruse the updated schedule below. Fantastic Fest will take place in Austin from September 18th to September 25th.

Various, 2014
World Premiere, 125 min
Directors - Larry Fessenden, Marvin Kren, Todd Rohal, Jim Hosking, Julien Maury and, Alexandre Bustillo, Julian Gilbey, Soichi Umezawa, Lancelot Imasuen, Jerome Sable, Robert Boocheck, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, Bill Plympton, Rodney Ascher, Erik Matti, Juan Moreno, Steven Kostanski, Alejandro Brugués, E.L. Katz, Julian Barratt, Hajime Ohata, Vincenzo Natali, Chris Nash, Jen and Sylvia Soska, Dennison Ramalho, Robert Morgan, Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper
In 2013 the craziest anthology ever created was released to an unsuspecting public. It immediately divided audiences. Some claimed it was a much-needed adrenaline shot to the heart of genre film, while others claimed it was reprehensible and the death knell of cinema as we know it.
In 2014 it’s happening again. This time with an all-new line-up of international directors.

For more information about THE ABCs OF DEATH 2, please visit,“like” the film on Facebook at or follow on twitter @ABCsofDeath.

France/Belgium, 2014
US Premiere, 95 min
Director - Fabrice Du Welz
A lonely woman and a psychotic gigolo find love through murder in the latest film from the director of CALVAIRE and VINYAN.

Australia, 2014
Texas Premiere, 94 min
Director - Jennifer Kent
In this impressive horror debut, Amelia thought her biggest problems were her son’s violent behavioral problems and her own depression. That was before something came knocking at the door…

Netherlands, 2013
US Premiere, 88 min
Directors - Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil
A unashamedly offensive bromance from the killer comedy team behind NEW KIDS TURBO and NEW KIDS NITRO.

United States, 2014
Texas Premiere, 81 min
Director - Billy Senese
Dr. Victor Reed finds himself in the middle of an ethical, legal and religious storm after conducting the first successful human cloning in this fiercely intelligent indie thriller.

Australia, 2014
World Premiere, 75 min
Director - Dario Russo
When Adolf Hitler surfaces posing as a 1980s high school student, there can be only one response! The crack team of Danger 5 are pressed back into service to eliminate the Nazi threat once and for all!

World Premiere, 98 min
Director - Manuel Facal
It's a stoner comedy from Uruguay. What else do you need to know?

France, 2014
World Premiere, 89 min
Director - Romain Basset
A stunning exploration of a young woman’s nightmares.

Mexico, 2014
North American Premiere, 100 min
Director - Isaac Ezban
A cosmic event disrupts life on Earth in this sci-fi mind-bender.

France, 2013
Texas Premiere, 87 min
Director - Riad Sattouf
Women hold the power while men cower in this scathing dystopian satire starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Canada, 2014
Fantastic Fest Premiere, 88 min
Director- Jaret Belliveau & Matthew Bauckman
A hilarious and disturbing documentary about a man’s quest to become an international action star.

Created by Fantastic Fest alum and film producer, and self-described Maltin’s Guide convert, Ant Timpson circa the early 90s, MALTIN’S is a movie lover’s version of game night favorite Balderdash. Someone starts as “Maltin” and chooses a title from Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide, a film that no one knows. The other players then all write down a fake synopsis based on the title. Players attempt to trick each other into believing that their synopsis is the real one while trying to decipher the true Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide synopsis.

Uruguay, 2014
World Premiere, 88 min
Director - Gustavo Hernandez
While filming music videos in an abandoned gold mine, a rock group is tormented by an evil spirit in this new film from the director of LA CASA MUDA.

Latvia/Estonia, 2014
US Premiere, 71 min
Director - Aik Karapetian
A laid-off harbor worker wages a private war on the rich in this surrealistic Latvian horror film.

The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail hails all the way from the back of a comic book store in Los Angeles, where not only has it been crowned one of the best standup shows in LA by LA Weekly, LA Times, and Hollywood Reporter, but it's now a TV show! Comedy Central filmed eight documentary-style episodes of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail for a brand new type of standup show that airs Wednesday nights starting July 2014. Come see why this is the only existing live standup show to get its own TV show as hosts Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani charm your pants off and welcome some very special guests!

Greece, 2014
US Premiere, 74 min
Director - Yiannis Veslemes
A vampire dances his way through ‘80s era Athens in this fantastic film from the production team behind DOGTOOTH.

Argentina, 2014
North American Premiere, 97 min
Director - Gabriel Grieco
Meat is murder in this brutal Argentinian slasher with an animal rights edge.

Belgium, 2014
North American Premiere, 94 min
Director - Nikolas List
Young David awakens battered and disoriented on the edge of town, knowing only one thing: He wants to get away. But no matter what he tries, he’s always led back to the same dark, disturbing place. Welcome to Tombville.

TOMMY (TommyMer)
Sweden, 2014
North American Premiere, 95 min
Director - Tarik Saleh
Tommy is coming home, or at least that’s what his wife Estelle desperately needs people to believe when she returns after a year in exile. And if he doesn’t get what’s his, there’s going to be hell to pay.

United Stats, 2013
US Premiere, 102 min
Director - Kevin Smith
From the singular mind of writer/director and podcaster Kevin Smith, and conceived from one of Smith’s own Smodcast’s, TUSK is a story unlike anything that has ever been committed to screen before. A tale that is equal parts hilarious and horrifying, TUSK will stay with you long after the credits roll. Starring: Justin Long, Michael Parks, Genesis Rodriguez, and Haley Joel Osment

US, 2014
US Premiere, 98 min
Directors - Marcel Sarmiento, Gregg Bishop, Nacho Vigalondo, Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead
Fantastic Fest alumni Nacho Vigalondo & Marcel Sarmiento join several other genre filmmaking greats in this 3rd installment of the twisted found footage horror anthology franchise.

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