Restored 'Puzzle Of A Downfall Child' To Screen At Cannes

Last year, it was Juliette Binoche, and this year another acclaimed actress is featured front on center on the beautiful official poster for the Cannes Film Festival.

A stunning Faye Dunaway covers the poster for this year's fest with a photo taken by "Scarecrow" and "Panic In Needle Park" filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg in 1970. The director was taking photos of Dunaway for Esquire magazine when he told her about a film he was developing about the modelling world entitled "Puzzle Of A Downfall Child." Dunaway, who was just getting her start in movies at the time, lobbied for the role and won it, but the film has been little-seen since and is not currently available on DVD. However, thanks to Universal Pictures and Carlotta Films (distributors), a newly restored print of the film is headed to the Croisette next month and will begin rolling into theaters next fall in France (and we'd guess will journey stateside as well). And in case you're wondering, H5 designed the poster.

The Cannes Film Festival kicks off on May 11th with Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris." Check out a portrait version of the poster below.