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What Are You Seeing This Weekend? 'Dead Man Down' Tries To Avoid 'The ABCs Of Death' From 'Oz'

  • By Emma Bernstein
  • |
  • March 8, 2013 4:19 PM
  • |
Happy Friday, dear readers! One of the most wonderful things about film is its diversity of subject and style, the potential for variance and innovation inherent in the medium. This weekend's release schedule displays this core trait with relish; truly, it's a study in contrasts. We have an action-heavy neo-noir, a horror anthology, a war movie, two meditations on religion, documentaries (one that's pretty serious, one not so much), several character-based slice-of-life pics, and (sigh) another CGI world coming at you in three dimensions. Though, to be fair, we hear this last one is actually quite well done, so maybe watching it won't make us feel like our head's about to spin off. In any case, whether you're laughing, sobbing, or recoiling into your seat back (or, if you're lucky, all three in one sitting!), go enjoy the far-ranging capacity of this century-old medium. And tell us what you're most excited for in the comments below!

SXSW '12 Review: 'Somebody Up There Likes Me' A Surprisingly Ambitious Deadpan Charmer

  • By William Goss
  • |
  • March 13, 2012 5:36 PM
  • |
Bob Byington’s "Somebody Up There Likes Me" is about a guy who doesn’t grow up. In fact, he doesn’t even age over the film’s span of about three decades in his life. It may have something to do with a mysterious briefcase, the origins of which are only ever suggested by animated cloud interludes and the ethereal implications of the title itself. But that hardly matters, so long as Max (Keith Poulson) keeps bumbling through marriage, money and mortality.

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