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First Image Of Jason Statham In 'Eastern Promises' Writer Steven Knight's 'Hummingbird' Could Be From Any Jason Statham Movie

by Kevin Jagernauth
June 27, 2012 4:05 PM
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Hummingbird Jason Statham

A Jason Statham movie is a Jason Statham movie is a Jason Statham movie. They more or less follow the same template from film to film, and even his same basic clean shaven, well-dressed look passes into each movie. But we do have a bit of hope for one of his upcoming efforts, "Hummingbird." It marks the feature directorial debut of "Eastern Promises" writer Steven Knight, and the promise of something a bit more elevated from what we usually see from Statham.

But as far as the image goes, it could be from any Statham movie, as he glowers standing outside of an...arcade? Either that or they've been borrowing sets from Gaspar Noe's "Enter The Void." Also penned by Knight, the film boasts a relatively straightforward logline -- a man with a tragic past, living life as an upper class Londoner, who has to hunt down the dudes who killed his girlfriend -- but we hope the distinctly British class elements, and the clever talent of the writer/director, bring some added layers to the story. But if it's just Statham knocking heads, that would be fine too we reckon.

There's no release date yet, but Lionsgate snapped it up in the spring, so we'd wager you can look for it next year. [Kinopoisk]

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  • jingmei | June 28, 2012 9:42 AMReply

    Just because it's a Jason Statham film no matter what it is, at least fucking like his British accent. He's very much up to non-action genre.

  • Anonymous | June 27, 2012 5:47 PMReply

    It's a huge departure for Statham. Truth be told, there's very little action in the script. Nothing more than a few significant fight scenes and nothing insane. It's a character piece.

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