Kenneth Branagh Jack Ryan

So, this is the bad guy in "Jack Ryan"? A businessman? We guess if he needs to do some evil, there's probably an app for that... on his now old and thus completely obsolete iPhone 4. Maybe he's calling on one of his minions to get in line to buy the new one.

Yep that's Kenneth Branagh as the villain and director of Paramount's ambitious reboot of Tom Clancy's character. Chris Pine takes the lead as a pre-CIA financial analyst who discovers his boss (Branagh) is going to do the most evil thing possible -- try to disrupt the American economy. We're not fucking kidding. Oh, but he'll do it by launching some kind of an attack. Somewhere along the way Keira Knightley will get mixed up in this too, and Kevin Costner will roll in to convince Jack Ryan to join the CIA.

Listen, we know this only started shooting, but if this is just gonna be a bunch of dudes walking around talking on cellphones, we can go to midtown any day of the week and watch that. Tell your Dad -- "Jack Ryan" opens on Christmas Day 2013.