Saoirse Ronan How I Live Now

Yes, we realize all these films couldn't be more different, but they are images nonetheless from some upcoming movies and there's gotta be at least one you're curious about...

And our bet is that it's "How I Live Now," the latest feature effort from Kevin Macdonald. While Saoirse Ronan was rumored for Darren Aronofsky's "Noah," it's likely there was a bit of conflict with "How I Live Now," which is now going in front of cameras. An adaptation of Meg Rosoff's award-winning 2004 young adult novel (the author posted this image to her blog), Ronan will play Daisy, a New Yorker staying with English cousins when World War III breaks out. As the country becomes occupied, she falls for her cousin, Edmond, and has to protect her younger cousin Piper from the invading troops.

Sounds like a great piece of material to be working with. We like Ronan, and after knocking out a couple of documentaries -- "Life In A Day" and "Marley" -- we're eager to see what Macdonald has in store for a story that will certainly allow him to flex some creative muscle. Indeed, as he told us earlier this year, Ronan will be the only major name in the cast: "'s quite a dark, little film. It was designed, financially, to be with no name actors at all. [Ronan] so wanted to do it and I met her, she was so fantastic, and so right in age. Everybody else in this will be unknown, never having acted before. It's all kids. Two or three adult scenes, but all the main characters are kids."