Some Velvet Morning, Alice Eve, Stanley Tucci

Two Tribeca Film Festival first-looks for you this afternoon. First up is one of two Neil LaBute films landing within the span of two months: "Some Velvet Morning," which is debuting at Tribeca in mid-April. It stars Alice Eve ("Star Trek Into Darkness") and Stanley Tucci, and it's a relationship drama making its world premiere in the Narrative section. 

The synopsis is below:

Fred arrives at Velvet’s doorstep, suitcases in tow. He tells her that he has finally left his wife to be with her, news to Velvet since she has not seen him in years and is now friends with Fred’s recently married son. As Fred’s hopes crash to earth during a conversation brimming with passion, remorse, humor and anger, the twisted heart of a fascinating relationship is revealed. Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve star in this spirited living room drama.

LaBute also has "Some Girl(s)" (which he wrote) premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in a couple of days.

Now, one can argue that something went south for LaBute after "The Wicker Man" remake. And some might even go so far as to say his last decent film was 2000's "Nurse Betty" (which is actually criminally underrated and savagely good). Post-'Wicker Man' headscratchers included the racially-charged cop drama with Samuel L. Jackson, "Lakeview Terrace," and the all-black-cast remake of "Death At A Funeral." Clearly the filmmaker feels like he's got new avenues to pursue. Whether they connect with audiences is another thing, but we'll at least be mildly curious. Pictures of 'Velvet' below.

Some Velvet Morning, Alice Eve
Some Velvet Morning,  Stanley Tucci