Eva Green, 300: Rise Of An Empire

We're mid-April, which means there are still eight full months of the movie-year to come, and a helluva lot of blockbusters will be on the calendar. So roll up your sleeves and get ready for some sneak peeks at what's on the horizon:

Let's start with two movies that are due this summer, but are still without a trailer. First up is "300: Rise Of An Empire," the oiled up sequel to the originally oiled up "300." Here we have a first look at Eva Green in her role as Artemisia, and fearsome she does seem. The story will center on Greek general Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton), with a narrative that will apparently go the side-quel route, cutting in and out of the events of "300." It arrives August 2nd.

Man, we totally forgot about "R.I.P.D." Production wrapped in January 2012 (for real) and there was early talk that this thing was set up for a sequel, but at this point we can only guess that Universal is hoping they can keep this thing from being a total bomb. Due out in about three months, there has been zero marketing for it so far. And this isn't a pre-existing property where they have the luxury of audiences at least knowing what "R.I.P.D." is. Nope, its based on a comic you didn't read about a pair of deceased detectives, one a recently murdered cop (Ryan Reynolds), the other a gunslinger from the Old West (Jeff Bridges) who are part of the titular crime-busting unit that is made up of ghosts. Good luck everyone. It opens on July 19th. [Popcultureology/Bloody Disgusting]

RIPD, Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges