Wolverine, Hugh Jackman

Next, here's Hugh Jackman doing his thing in "Wolverine" which isn't quite "Floating Weeds," but it does at least spice things up by dropping Logan in Japan. What does that ultimately mean? He gets to do the same poses as in the other X-men movies, just with different backgrounds. This time around he'll mope and be moody while facing off against Silver Samurai, with Viper being tossed into the mix and Jean Grey likely popping up. Find out on July 26th just how much better than "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" it is.

Here's "Elysium," the summer's thinkin' man's blockbuster. Matt Damon represents the 99%, an ex-con who finds out he has days to live and decides to head to the pristine space station Elysium to get some cancer curing treatment from the 1% But as you'll see, he has mech-fight some dudes on the way and face off against Jodie Foster and her futuristic Bluetooth. "Elysium" arrives on August 9th. [ComicBookMovie]
Elysium, Jodie Foster
Elysium, Matt Damon