Trust Me, Clark Gregg, Amanda Peet (skip)

Coming up next is a glimpse into the film "Trust Me," starring Clark Gregg (who also wrote and directed), Sam Rockwell, and William H. Macy. The film explores the morass of Hollywood and how one big discovery can be the worst mistake ever made, and the Hollywood agent who could lose everything. "Trust Me" will be making its world premiere in the Narrative section.

Here's the plot summary:

Trust Me follows flailing Hollywood agent Howard, who seemingly strikes gold after signing the next big child star. What results is an unexpected ride through the nasty inner workings of Hollywood, as Howard desperately tries to make it in an industry that has no interest in recognizing his bumbling but ultimately genuine nature.

Hollywood insider stories can be hit or miss. With Clark Gregg at the helm, this could be closer to Robert Altman’s classic take on Hollywood, "The Player"...or not. Gregg has directed and written before, with the underrated Sam Rockwell sex addiction comedy, "Choke." "Trust Me" has the potential to be a smart Hollywood satire, directed by a man who's found acclaim in the ultimate popcorn picture, so we'll be curious to see what his take on the industry is.

Saxon Sharbino and Clark Gregg in "Trust Me."
Trust Me, Clark Gregg