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First Posters For ‘Macbeth’ Starring Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard

by Edward Davis
May 14, 2014 8:34 AM
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Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and “Snowtown Murders” director Justin Kurzel making a grim and bloody adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”? Yes, please. And please file this at the top of 2015’s Most Anticipated Films list.

“It’s the first time I’ve played a character with no light, total darkness,” Marion Cotillard told Variety recently of playing the iconic manipulator Lady Macbeth. “And when she loses control … I’m affected by the character I live with when I’m shooting, so I lost control of everything, like her, and it was really hard to handle.”

She also recently described the character to The Independent, calling it her dream role. “The depth of humanity in her – but it’s all driven away by fear and despair. How you do things to have a better life – but when they are against humanity, you will fail.”

She also had high praise for her co-star. “I saw a lot of movies [Fassbender] was in, and I have the feeling he’s reached another level here. When you start a scene and you don’t really know where you’re going to go, that’s a roller-coaster. Many times I was surprised by what he does in this movie, and this is priceless.”

Production has wrapped on “Macbeth,” footage was shown to buyers in the Cannes market this week and Kurzel is already working with Fassbender again on “Assassin’s Creed,” which bodes well for this collaboration.

Will we see footage of the movie this week? Doubtful, but teaser elements are already appearing online. Today character posters of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard have surfaced on Twitter. No release date yet and while the movie has finished production and ostensibly could be done in time for TIFF or other fall film festivals, this writer’s bet is something of this stature will be saved for Cannes 2015. [Via SeeSound and AdamLowes]

Macbeth, Fassbender
Macbeth, Cotillard
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  • Stergios | May 14, 2014 9:39 PMReply

    Oh, my God, these posters look nothing short of incredible. I'm sure the film is going to be amazing and that both Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard will deliver once again unforgettable performances, more than worthy of an Oscar win. Especially for Marion Cotillard, I mean what can I say... She is quite simply the best actress of all time. She tops Katharine Hepburn, she tops Meryl Streep, she tops any woman who ever attempted to become an actress. Her incomparable talent puts her in a league of her own and her Oscar win back in 2008 for her incredible portrayal of Edith Piaf in "La vie en rose" is undoubtedly the
    most deserved Oscar win ever for a female actor. I sincerely believe that with her unmatched work in this fim she truly pushed acting to another level. Watching her transform into a character is like an otherwordly experience. She inhabits her each new role so completely it ends up extremely scary. Every performance of hers is a performance for the ages. Even her early work in films like "Les jolies choses" or "Fair play" prove her astonishing ability to to abandon herself into her characters in a way no actress in the history of cinema can claim she
    ever did. A performance of Marion Cotillard is always a marvel to watch and her performance in "Macbeth", as well as in James Gray's "The Immigrant", who is about to hit theaters these days in USA, is obviously another towering tour de force. I wish she gets a certainly more than deserved second Oscar in 2015 for her performance in James Gray's film.

  • Guest | May 14, 2014 5:39 PMReply

    New Michod and Kurzel in one year. So looking forward to both!

  • Ibrahim | May 14, 2014 9:31 AMReply

    Two of my favourite actors. And Snowtown was sneakily good, grim and dark, but so good. Couldn't believe it when I read Kurzel had managed to land such a big project with these two brilliant stars. Impatiently looking forward to it.

  • Dede | May 15, 2014 6:23 PM

    Yes. Idk if I can watch Snowtown again because it's so dark and grim. That's not a bad thing. Kurzel is really impressive. I can't wait for Macbeth.

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