Gerard Butler

Let it be over, for the love of god. After cycling through Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Renner, it looks like Albert Hughes may have finally found his leading man for "Motor City."

Variety reports that hunky slab of beef and hair Gerard Butler is now negotiating for the lead role in the thriller, which will see Amber Heard hang off his arm, and Gary Oldman square off with him as the villain. Penned by Chad St. John, the hotly buzzed-about 2009 Black List script follows a small-time crook who is framed and sent to jail, and then goes after the guys that put him there. Best of all? No lines to memorize. Apparently the protagonist only has one line in the whole movie, so basically all Butler will have to do is show up and make sure he hits his marks. Easy breezy.

Production is gearing up to start this spring, and let's hope this is the last we hear of it until the movie is wrapped.