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Good Evening: First Trailer For 'Hitchcock' Starring Anthony Hopkins Arrives

by Kevin Jagernauth
October 10, 2012 1:13 PM
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Anthony Hopkins In 'Hitchcock'

Hurried into the the fall awards season race and set to open the AFI Fest next month -- does Fox Searchlight's "Hitchcock" about the legendary director (played by Anthony Hopkins) and the love for his wife (Helen Mirren), set against the backdrop of the making of "Psycho" have what it takes? Well, the first trailer is here to make the case.

“Hitchcock’s so enigmatic in one sense,” director Sacha Gervasi told EW about the challenge of making the movie. “Someone who portrays zero emotion. We didn’t really know emotionally that much about Hitchcock, and suddenly you have this whole world that opens up when Anthony Hopkins plays the role. It’s extraordinary. And he really enjoyed tiptoeing up to people who had just arrived on the set and going, ‘Good evening.’ Making people jump. I think he really found the role quite delicious.”

And indeed, Hopkins looks he fits hand in glove in the role, but we have to say, Mirren is looking very strong as a possible nominee as well. The smattering of ensemble talent looks to fill out the picture nicely, and overall, this looks far meatier and more compelling than the similarly themed "My Week With Marilyn" last year.

Co-starring an extended ensemble, including Scarlett Johansson, James D'Arcy, Jessica Biel, Toni Colette, Danny Huston, Michael Stuhlbarg, Michael Wincott, Kurtwood Smith, Wallace Langham and Ralph Macchio, "Hitchcock" gets a little crazy on November 23rd.

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  • StephenM | October 10, 2012 11:44 PMReply

    Meh. Looks alright, not best-of-the-year, Oscar-worthy type stuff though. Think Hopkins' make-up makes him look kinda weird, almost "uncanny valley"-ish to my eyes.

  • Alan | October 10, 2012 11:12 PMReply

    God, can we stop with the 'My Week with Marilyn' bitching? I don't even like that movie, and even I think that Kevin's whining is getting old.

  • rodie | October 10, 2012 2:28 PMReply

    Well, 1:23 is alright, isn't it?

    Hopkins looks like he's going to be really entertaining in this.

  • just wondering | October 10, 2012 2:27 PMReply

    When will Scarlett Johansson stop giving wooden performances ? She is a hopeless case.

  • rotch | October 10, 2012 1:53 PMReply

    I don't know why the My Week with Marilyn comparison keeps popping up. From the first poster they seem to be aiming for the affectionate/quirky portrait, à la Ed Wood or Gods and Monsters even. And this trailer seems con confirm it. Looks great, can't wait.

  • zara taylor | October 10, 2012 1:37 PMReply

    It looks fantastic! Hopkins and Mirren : marvelous

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