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Guillermo Del Toro Reportedly Developing 'Avengers'-Style Movie With Second Tier DC Comic Characters

by Kevin Jagernauth
November 2, 2012 9:18 AM
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Guillermo Del Toro Deadman

File this under Guillermo del Toro project #A-898039. Also, it's largely a rumor for now, and one that doesn't quite make sense, but as always, you never know...

Latino Review is reporting that Warner Bros. is currently swooning over del Toro. Specifically, "Pacific Rim." The film is apparently testing so well at the moment that they are throwing every property they have at him, including a sequel to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (huh?) and a feature version of "V." But del Toro has his own grand ambitions, and is said to be planning his own "The Avengers"-style team-up movie called "Heaven Sent" with a bunch of DC Comics characters you've (mostly) never heard of including Deadman, The Spectre, Swamp Thing, Constantine Hellblazer, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, and Sargon. 

Let's just pause here a moment. As we pointed out yesterday when WB put "Jersey Boys" into turnaround, the studio has been extraordinarily picky lately about what they're throwing money at, and are very concerned about international appeal. Would an expensive, supersized comic movie based on a bunch of characters no one outside of a comic book store really knows about make sense? Particularly when the studio is already very carefully planning to launch "Justice League," which features the more recognizable top tier heroes? We'd also argue their shelved "Akira" probably has more foreign audience play than this. But we suppose if you're gonna relaunch Constantine from the 2005 Keanu Reeves-starring movie no one remembers, then this is a good way to go we suppose.

Anyway, if/when it ever does happen, it won't be until a long time from now. Del Toro has already said that once he's done with "Pacific Rim," he'll be focused on directing the TV pilot for "The Strain," based on the books he penned with Chuck Hogan. But of course, dude is a multitasker and between now and next summer, he'll probably sign up for another half dozen or so projects. To sum it up: we'll see...

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  • SusieQ | November 2, 2012 2:13 PMReply

    I've reached the point with del Toro where I can't get excited about anything he's developing because it almost never actually happens. I'd rather just assume everything he does will never see the light of day and just be pleasantly surprised every five years.

  • berk | November 2, 2012 10:46 AMReply

    The line up is based on an old issue of Swamp Thing although the more contemporary Trenchcoat Brigade series from Vertigo seems to be in the mix. Based on the Forest God scene in Hellboy 2 alone I would give del Toro the go ahead for a Swamp Thing movie.

  • Archer Slyce | November 2, 2012 11:09 AM

    Yep Alan Moore basically did a story with these characters back in the day (except Zatanna I guess), the foundation of the Green really. You're right about the ending of the forest god scene too, that was beautiful ... but I'll stand my ground maybe cause I'm a Swamp Thing nerd and/or not so fan of Del Toro.

  • Archer Slyce | November 2, 2012 10:11 AMReply

    I wanted to answer here but I'm still trying to figure out if the original story is a joke or not (q.v. Pacific Rim is said to be "a Japanese Porno"). On the other hand I know Del Toro had a Deadman project years ago (!!). But if they're doing JLA Dark why not calling it JLA Dark like the ongoing comic book?? In any case turns out is I just re-watched Hellboy II yesterday and no Del Toro wouldn't be the man for the job AFAIC.

  • Rick | November 2, 2012 12:23 PM

    I think Justice League Dark is a bad title and a bit esoteric.

  • Travis | November 2, 2012 10:11 AMReply

    Latino Review's "exclusives" are always so damn sketchy. Never trust them completely.

  • tristan eldritch | November 2, 2012 9:43 AMReply

    I'd love to see a screen version of V. David Icke could act as creative consultant, and possibly cameo as himself.

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