Pan's Labryinth Gustavo Santaolalla Paul Williams

If you ever thought that a trippy fantasy set against the backdrop of Fascist Spain in 1944 would make for a great night of musical theater, well today is your lucky day -- Guillermo Del Toro's beloved and critically acclaimed film "Pan's Labyrinth" is headed to the stage.

It would seem that development on "Pacific Rim 2" officially starting and the announcement of his "gothic romance with ghosts" "Crimson Peak" this week isn't enough news to drop on his fans for the helmer, who has apparently been shepherding "Pan's Labryinth: With Dancing" for four years now. And his patience has payed off, with great talent tuning up the thing. Two-time Oscar nominated composer Gustavo Santaolalla ("Babel," "Brokeback Mountain") is writing the music, with the awesome Paul Williams ("Phantom Of The Paradise," "The Muppet Movie") penning the lyrics. Sweet. (They are also working with Del Toro on some Reel FX animated movie called "Day Of The Dead").

Producers and managers are already on board, and Del Toro and Jeremy Ungar have already written the book, so this looks like it could be gearing up soon. Is there any other media left for Del Toro to conquer? [Deadline]