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Guy Pearce Sticks A Gun In Robert Pattinson's Face In First Look At David Michod's 'The Rover'

by Kevin Jagernauth
March 13, 2013 9:17 AM
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Rover Guy Pearce Robert Pattinson

We gotta admit, we sort of forgot this one was happening, but we have to say, we're glad it is. It's coming on three years since David Michod made his mark with "Animal Kingdom," and now he's back with a thriller that goes to the great outdoors.

Cameras are rolling on "The Rover," and the the first snap of stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson promises a compelling showdown between the two actors. The "existential western" is a near-future set tale, set against the backdrop of financial collapse, that follows a man who goes on a journey across the Australian outback to find his stolen car, which contains something invaluable to him. Populated by "petty criminals and miscreants and hustlers,” the film paints a world where mining is the last gold rush, where fortunes can be made, where it's every man for himself, and Michod is already talking big about his movie.  

“You put cars in the desert in Australia and people are going to think of 'Mad Max,' ” the director tells EW. “And with all due respect to that film — and I stress that — I think 'The Rover' is going to be way more chillingly authentic and menacing.”

Co-starring the omnipresent Scoot McNairy, no word yet on a release date, but we'd wager 2014. Either way, we'll be looking forward to it. UpdateA24 has acquired "The Rover," for theatrical release in the U.S. 

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  • Ryan | March 14, 2013 6:00 AMReply

    looks thrilling David Michod's, Guy, Robert and Scoot McNairy is good sign.

  • Satine86 | March 13, 2013 6:13 PMReply

    I am very excited to see this film with both Guy and Robert. I fell under the spell of David Michod's Animal Kingdome and thought Jacki Weaver was fantastic. I hope we can expect just as brilliant performances from Guy, Robert and Scoot McNairy.

  • Rog | March 13, 2013 5:10 PMReply

    David Michod shows incredible talent. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this one. It's been too long since Animal Kingdom.

  • Joe | March 13, 2013 5:49 PM

    This still, along with the atmospheric mood board we saw a couple of weeks ago really has me excited to see this. Guy Pearce is terrific in everything, and seeing Pattinson play an innocent, naive character will be a treat. He's making such smart career choices, he's sure to be around for a long time, like Guy.

  • Spoiler Kstew | March 13, 2013 11:43 AMReply

    Pattinson dies in the first five minutes of the film. Michold said he sucked so killed him off early.

  • Bennett | March 13, 2013 5:46 PM

    It's sad that Kristen Stewart has the most immature, hateful fans in the world. I guess like attracts like. Too bad she trashed her career and her reputation when she chose to have an affair with a married father of two on a public road. Her loss is our gain, we don't have to sit through any more of her epic mouth-breathing, wooden performances. Hope she enjoys that Razzie, it's all she's going to get.

  • KRISBIANS/SHIPPERS SUCK | March 13, 2013 4:54 PM

    If I had to guess, I would say your IQ is somewhere between 60 and 80. Did I hit it pretty close to the mark? All Kslut's fans are complete morons. Your post proves you are no different. Enjoy your life worshiping a lying homewrecker.

  • john | March 13, 2013 10:49 AMReply

    Finish who? Animal Kingdom is amazing...This must be equally amazing..

  • Ur Mom | March 13, 2013 10:23 AMReply


  • Give it up | March 13, 2013 5:00 PM

    You've been posting hateful things about Rob all over the internet. Aren't you tired of being a douche bag? Can't you give it a rest? Find something more fulfilling to do with your life. Try reading a book or actually walking outside your house for a change. Your hate is disgusting and shows exactly the type of person you are. If I had to guess I would say a Kristen Stewart fan. Good luck with that since she hasn't worked in over a year and nobody to want to hire her since she's a drug addicted low life.

  • Guest | March 13, 2013 9:47 AMReply

    Loved Animal Kingdom. Can't wait to see what Michod creates here!

  • Guest | March 13, 2013 9:47 AMReply

    Loved Animal Kingdom. Can't wait to see what Michod creates here!

  • David | March 17, 2013 10:12 AM

    Some strange Twi-Hard fighting on here. I actually think Pattinson's career trajectory is interesting. He seems pretty serious about exploring his talent. Good for him, and for us. Guy Pearce looks absolutely feral here.

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