Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom George Lucas Harrison Ford

With his baby Lucasfilm sold to Disney for over $4 billion dollars, and with the filmmaker now (supposedly) chasing his more experimental muses, George Lucas' legacy is already established. "Star Wars" will be his crowning achievement, a franchise that will likely live long past his time on this galaxy, while "Indiana Jones" also comes under his banner, not to mention his groundbreaking special effects work and the massive success he's achieved, changing the blockbuster game forever. So, how can you help blow out the candles on Lucas' born day? 

Well, you can check out this one-hour "American Masters" special from 1993. First airing on PBS, the mini-doc brings together a pretty great array of folks—Joseph Campbell, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, Harrison Ford, Frank Oz and more—to provide an overview of the filmmakers career, with Lucas himself also participating. It's definitely worth checking out for anyone who has an interest in Lucas or wants to know more about the person who had arguably the biggest impact on multiplex viewing (next to his pal Spielberg) over the last forty years or so. Check it out.