Ingmar Bergman Saraband

96 years ago, Ingmar Bergman was born and once he hit Stockholm University College at the age of 23, he fell in love with the movies. And so began a career that would span decades, with Bergman making films would become stone cold classics, all while bringing an intellectual rigor that to this is day is still hard to match by many. He's one of the 20 Celebrated Filmmakers Who Never Won A Best Directing Oscar, but what you might not know about Bergman is that despite his very serious oeuvre, Bergman had a playful side. In fact, he apparently loved Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's Eleven" and was a fan of "Die Hard," and while you find him talking about those in this vintage interview, give it a look anyway.

Back in 1971, the director visited "The Dick Cavett Show," a couple of weeks after his latest film at the time, "The Touch," had been released in theatres. And it's the kind of lengthy talk you'd want to see from the filmmaker, both lighthearted and serious, over the course of the 50-minute conversation, touching on various aspects of his career and approach to his work. Towards the end, Bergman's regular muse Bibi Andersson also stops by as well. It's great stuff all around, so put up your feet and watch below.