Robert De Niro

While Robert De Niro's recent career choices have often times been baffling ("The Big Wedding," "Killing Season," "New Year's Eve"), when he steps into a movie of quality, it's a reminder of just how good he can be ("Silver Linings Playbook," the underrated "Stone"). But, it's easy to be short sighted, and with the actor celebrating his 70th birthday today, it's a reminder that De Niro has an entire body of work that will undoubtedly rank him as a legend in cinema's history books.

So, while you probably won't be able to cut a slice of cake and have a drink with De Niro, here's this instead: the full 1999 episode of "Inside The Actors Studio." For a man with a reputation of being cagey at best in interviews, and even moreso when it comes to details of his personal life, this is a rare chance to see De Niro at his most open and engaging. It's really a must-watch for any fan of the actor, as he not only discusses his films, but also his parents, childhood and much more. Check it out.