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HBO Renews Lena Dunham's 'Girls' & Armando Iannucci's 'Veep'

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 30, 2012 4:12 PM
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Girls Veep

Haters gonna hate, but Lena Dunham will have the final word as her excellent HBO series "Girls" as well as Armando Iannucci's "Veep" have both been renewed for a second season. And the numbers don't lie.

Dunham's fresh and funny series about a quartet of young women navigating love, sex, work and life in Manhattan has accumulated 3.8 million viewers over its first three episodes. Clearly, the knowing look at the awkwardness of early 20s life for women is resonating with audiences. HBO likely already had an indication they had a hit on their hands after they gave SXSW audiences a sneak preview back in March, where it was met with high praise and a rapturous reception. And mark our words, Allison Williams is poised to be the first breakout star from the show.

Meanwhile, while not as incisivie as we would like, Armando Iannucci's White House comedy "Veep" is giving Julia Louis-Dreyfuss the best role she's had since "Seinfeld," which is reason enough to watch it. Add to that an amazing supporting cast including a vivacious Anna Chlumsky, a rock solid Matt Walsh and an always reliable Tony Hale and this is one that is slowly building up promise. With 3.7 million viewers to its name, it too is also amassing a following.

Both shows have fresh ten episode orders, and will be back on your dial in 2012.

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  • jimmiescoffee | April 30, 2012 11:14 PMReply

    'veep' is great. as far as "backlash" for 'girls'....well, everyone bitches about mumblecore shit. frankly, i liked 'tiny furniture' a ton (made my top 10) but am finding 'girls' to be a cringe worthy chore. well done at times, but forced in many ways.

  • villefort | April 30, 2012 10:30 PMReply

    girls is easily the most overrated show on television

  • Cuss | April 30, 2012 6:40 PMReply

    Girls is hands down the best new show on TV, last night's episode rocked.

  • Porter | April 30, 2012 6:20 PMReply

    Girls is one of the best TV shows ever! I do not get this backlash at all! It is a show that deserves to be seen by many. Dunham's show is one of the most daring series in TV right now! Calling it racist is unfair. Lena's vision is a not about girls living in the projects or in the Upper East Side. It's not about all kinds of girls out there. And, these issues with not having people of color on the show? I get it. But 95% of the shows airing are just like Girls! Mad Men has just had its first african-american character after its five seasons... I think Girls is groundbreaking television, it's not Sex and the City or Entourage, it's something way more special and real. I'm really glad that it has been renewed. Lena Dunham is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Marko | April 30, 2012 6:10 PMReply

    "And mark our words, Allison Williams is poised to be the first breakout star from the show." Wow. You really went out on a limb there by picking the pretty girl from a cast of very average (by Hollywood standards) looking women to be the breakout. Of course, she's the only one that will get breakout work after this. Good work there.

  • Kevin | April 30, 2012 6:34 PM

    There are lots of pretty faces in Hollywood. Few have talent and presence to go with it.

  • Ken | April 30, 2012 4:49 PMReply

    Please stop writing about "Girls."

  • Richard | May 1, 2012 8:33 PM

    Please stop commenting on posts you clearly don't want to read.

  • Frank | April 30, 2012 4:50 PM

    Please stop whining about Girls.

  • Travis Hopson | April 30, 2012 4:38 PMReply

    I like how anybody who doesn't think 'Girls' is any good is a "hater".

  • T. | May 16, 2012 1:23 PM

    And anyone who used the word "hater" as the end-all, be-all of counterarguments is a moron.

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