Project X

You wanted it, you got it. Whatever you think of this weekend's outrageous found footage party movie "Project X" there is no denying that the filmmakers provided a serious playlist to accompany the debauchery on screen. And while 13 of those songs were collected for the official soundtrack that was released earlier this week, we've heard from more than a few readers that they want to know every song that was featured in the film. Well, we've tracked down that list and here it is: all the music that rocked your eardrums in "Project X."

And really, there is something here for everybody. For people looking for straight up party bangers there are more than a few options, but for stuffier folks who like their music to be critically approved and maybe slightly more underground, bands like The xx, Four Tet, Amon Tobin, Animal Collective and LCD Soundsystem are all featured. A few classic hip hop cuts -- 2 Live Crew, Dead Prez, Salt N Pepa -- are repped here, but there is one song that really doesn't belong with any of the others. Can you guess which one?

"Project X" is in theaters now, and the soundtrack is in stores, but if you want to figure out what that awesome song you heard was check it out on the next page.