Les Miserables

Well, the first reviews for "Les Misérables" hit the web yesterday and they were mixed, with some calling it "stirring and striking" and others "a Sisyphean battle against musical diarrhea." As for us, we were somewhere in between saying, "the initial grandeur begins to curdle into something histrionic, bombastic and overly extravagant." But this is a musical with millions of fans and there's no doubt it's still one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season, so until it arrives, you have a chance to go behind the scenes.

Four featurettes have arrived to take into the production and costume design, makeup and craft work on the movie. Undoubtedly, no expense was spared, and most agree that the scope and scale of the picture are to be admired. So, too, are the performances (especially Anne Hathaway), but whether or not it can sustain a nearly three-hour runtime is up for debate.

"Les Misérables" will make you sing-cry on Christmas Day. Watch below. [The Film Stage]