While many deals at the Sundance Film Festival are written on napkins and closed by downing Sambuca shots in Park City, some movies require a little more negotiating to get contracts signed. And even though Michael Cera arrived in Utah with two movies -- the thriller "Magic Magic" and the comedy "Crystal Fairy," both directed by Sebastian Silva -- they are only now starting to find a home.

IFC Films has picked up the latter, an appropriate home for the drug fueled, Chilean-set comedy. The film follows the travails of Jamie (Cera) a boorish American on a quest to take a hit from the San Pedro cactus, a legendary hallucinogen. But his plans get somewhat sidelined when the free spirited Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman) joins him on his journey. In our review of the film, we called it a comeback of sorts for the "Arrested Development" star, who brings "his ace comic timing to a slightly darker role" in way that makes his "talents feel completely fresh again."

No word yet on a release date, but we'd wager it'll be limited theatrical and VOD type release. [Deadline]