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Today is Friday, October 19th and if you check your Aunt Zelda's TV Guide, you'll notice that despite earlier announcements, the return of "Community" is nowhere to be found. That's because the network gave a rather convoluted explanation that they might want to move it off of Friday night, and keep it in their back pocket for later in the year. Or something. Anyway, that hasn't stopped the cast from making a promo to explain that October 19th can be anything you want it to be.

A quick little promo has been slapped together with the entire cast, and it's a pretty charming little spot that is an effective thank you to fans who have been tirelessly standing by the show as NBC has kicked it around. As usual, the jokes come fast and quick, and even Chevy "It Was A Mistake" Chase allows himself to participate. Give it a spin below and then wonder why two episodes of "Grimm" and "Dateline" are on tonight instead.