Bana, hulk

You directed a documentary a few years ago called "Love the Beast" about your love of cars. Would you want to be involved with something like that in a narrative movie? Like a "Fast and Furious" movie?
Oh hell no. No, I'd love to do a narrative feature but it'd have nothing to do with cars. I would love to direct again. I'm not reading scripts with an eye to direct them. It would have to be my own idea or something I wrote. So I would love to do a narrative some day and it wouldn't be someone else's work. But I'm not actively working on something right now.

You were in Ang Lee's "Hulk." Have you seen the other iterations of the Hulk since your movie and what do you think of them?
I saw the one after that but I haven't seen any of the more recent stuff. I really don't think about it much at all.

Was that a character you were looking forward to portraying again?
I am happy with the way things have gone the last 13 years. I have felt very lucky with the stuff that has come my way and know that a lot of it wouldn't have been possible if I had done multiple "Hulk"s. I'm more than happy with the way things are.

Did you and Rebecca share superhero war stories?
Yes! Because she was contemplating it while we were shooting "Closed Circuit." So I got in her ear. I won't tell you what I said, that's up to her.

Hanna Eric Bana

One of my favorite movies you've done recently was "Hanna…"
Aw, thanks. That's really sweet. I think a lot of people have discovered it later, who didn't see it when it first came out. A lot of people come up to me and say, "I can't believe that film wasn't bigger." So it's kind of cool. And I was just talking to someone and they asked how I measure the success of a film and we were having a discussion about what's better—have a film that not everyone sees in the first three weeks but have a great shelf life. Or a film that does great for three weeks but is completely forgettable? It's weird for an actor because your career is affected by both cases. But I'm really proud of that movie and really loved it when I saw it. There's a lot of really unique things about it and I loved working with Joe, so we'll see [about working together again].

What can you tell us about "Lone Survivor?"
It was amazing. I had read the book and absolutely loved it. So to get to know Marcus Lutrell and his team was really special. I haven't seen the film yet. It's finished and a lot of people have. So I can't wait to see it; it's a great book and he's an amazing guy. So I was more than happy to go and do some work on that.

And you have a beard in that? Because I'm a little concerned: the trailer looks like a bunch of handsome guys in fatigues and beards.
Well, it will be easier than in "Black Hawk Down" because there are 13 men in this mission instead of 32. So it's a little easier to track.

Did you get to see "Star Trek Into Darkness?" 
I did see it. I loved it. I thought J.J. did a great job.

Speaking of J.J., have you talked to him about "Star Wars?"
[laughs] No, we have not had a "Star Wars" discussion.

You said you wouldn't be down for doing a bunch of sequels to "Hulk" but this is kind of a special case.
I don't know. You've never really know until you've read it. There's a bunch of stuff I've dismissed and then I've read it and thought, Actually, that could be really interesting

"Closed Circuit" is open in theaters now.