Lovely Molly

If you could play any of the iconic horror scream queen roles, like "Carrie," or "Rosemary’s Baby," which one would you choose? Dream remake? 

If anyone even began to mention the possibility of “Rosemary’s Baby,” I would be like “I can’t even let you finish, yes!” I adore it. I don’t think that it could be remade but another film-- I hadn’t seen it until after I filmed “Lovely Molly,” which I guess is kind of a crime, but now that I’ve seen it I adore it-- is “A Woman Under the Influence.” [Gena Rowlands] is incredible in that. I don’t know, I don’t think a remake would work of that necessarily. It’s not really horror but if it was remade, I would also do in less than a heartbeat, “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” In an instant. The Bette Davis role. She’s my favorite. I have many more male idols than I do female, but she’s so strong and powerful-- anything Bette Davis, I am a huge fan. 

What’s next for you?

I am writing right now, I am in the midst of writing a short and then also a full length screenplay. They are very different from one another but they are taking up a lot of my time, in a good way. I am ready to get in front of the camera on a role again, but also excited about these two projects. Just one of them for me to star, but both are topics that have interested me because they are two-sided. Because you can look at the two issues that I am writing about in very different ways on both sides, and that interests me.

Gretchen Lodge stars in "Lovely Molly" opening this weekend.