Trance, Rosario Dawson
The film is dense with visual and music clues delineating what’s reality and what’s not. What hints, if any, were you privy to with your character?
I already had so many things to think about that I kind of refused to ask, you know, what kind of lenses they were using, or why they tilted the camera just so.

However, I think you'll see that with Liz, what my hair looks like and what kind of clothing I'm wearing is very particular. Suttirat Larlarb, the costume designer and I -- we tried not to show her as a woman who wears a miniskirt and red lipstick to bend you to her will with her sexuality. I was very specific about the way I spoke, my wardrobe, my hair – more so than I had been with any other character I've done.

Speaking of identity issues, Josh Brolin is swapping faces as Dwight in Robert Rodriguez’s "Sin City 2." How will Gail come back in the sequel?
I don't know what I can talk about with that one. All I know is I definitely shaved the side of my head. It's been almost eight years, and it was incredible to kind of be Gail again in a way that was different to what we've seen before. But that's one where I think they got that on lock -- I always feel like I'm getting in trouble when I talk about "Sin City." [laughs]

With a more casual release of info, Kevin Smith has recently announced "Clerks III." Has he called you up to reprise your role of Becky?
He has not called me yet; I might start harassing him soon. I've already put it out there on Twitter-land because he Facebooked a photo of the script's title page. I love him like crazy, I love "Clerks" and I want to see Becky's baby and see what happens next. So put in a good word for me.

One of your more left-field appearances of late has been in The Bullitts’ music video for “Supercool.” Have you gotten any on-the-street attention from it?
[Laughs] I definitely have encountered a few calls of [in a British accent] “Rosario Dawson!” The video’s had a lot of views, but it's still sort of niche, I think. Pockets of people know and love it, but it'll have more of an impact once [The Bullitts’ frontman Jeymes Samuel’s] album and this short film [the western “They Die By Dawn,” starring Michael K. Williams, Giancarlo Esposito, and Erykah Badu] we’ve done together drops.

"Trance" opens in the U.S. this weekend in limited release on April 5th.