Exclusive: Last night, TMZ-like reports surfaced that "The Fighter" and "Three Kings" director David O. Russell was being investigated for inappropriate contact with his 19-year-old transsexual niece Nicole Peloquin during a bizarre incident that took place on December 30th. While it's made some fodder for the grist mill, the matter has now been officially put to rest.

We reached out to Jim Leljedal, the Director Of Media Relations for the Broward Sherriff's Office in Florida, who confirmed the case will no longer be pursued (despite what tabloid reports might be otherwise claiming). He told us that officers looked into the incident, did an initial on the scene investigation, interviewed all the parties involved, and as a result of their findings, will not be moving any further. The matter is now closed.

"We are pleased that the authorities have looked into this matter, and have confirmed that the investigation has been concluded and the case has been closed," reps for David O. Russell told The Playlist in a statement today.

While many were quick to pick up on a juicy headline, as far as the police are concerned, there is nothing more to follow up on.