As if we don't have enough TV shows to keep up with over the next couple of months—"Red Road," "Hannibal," "Game Of Thrones," "Mad Men" and more—here comes yet another that will definitely take up more of our time. So we apologize in advance if we're not at the multiplex as often as we usually are. But really, who could blame anyone for staying in, especially with something as tantalizing as "Fargo" on the horizon?

Yep, it's a show based on the Coen Brothers' 1996 hit thriller, and they're actually executive producing this one, which takes all the ingredients from their film but places them in Bemidji, Minnesota for a brand new story. But the wintry setting seems to be sticking, with this neat little teaser showing Billy Bob Thornton getting out of the car to scrape the windshield, all while "It Only Hurts for a Little While" by The Ames Brothers plays on the stereo. And the scene is of course a call back to a similar sequence in the original film, which we've included below.

"Fargo" premieres on FX on April 15th. Watch below. [JoBlo]