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It Keeps Happening: Take That To Contribute 'When We Were Young' To 'The Three Musketeers'

by Kevin Jagernauth
July 8, 2011 1:51 AM
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Can someone please tell us who Take That is paying off in Hollywood to infiltrate their shitty brand of manufactured pop tunes for middle aged women into tentpole movies? Matthew Vaughn inexplicably decided to use "Love Love" in "X-Men: First Class" and now another big period movie -- that admittedly is already throwing all logic out the window -- is letting Robbie Williams and co. warble.

THR reports that Paul W.S. Anderson's "adaptation" of "The Three Musketeers" will feature "When We Were Young" the lead track off the band's "Progressed" EP. And this is about the time when all the fans will remind us about how many records Take That has sold in some feeble attempt to justify their talent. Just remember folks, at one point Vanilla Ice sold millions of records too and even got his own movie. It doesn't mean he was a great artist or even talented.

Anyway, the single for "Where We Were Young" (not to be confused with The Killers tune "When You Were Young") -- which starts out with the pure poetry of these lyrics: "When we were young the world seemed so old/Careless and cold/We did what we were told in our lives" -- will be released in August to coincide with the film's German premiere on September 1st. As for the rest of us, bring your earplugs when the film opens on October 14th. Oh yeah, and in case you missed it, check out the amazingly ridiculous "Love Love"/'First Class' music video below and while you're there you can listen to "When We Were Young" as well. It's pretty bad.

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  • M | July 11, 2011 6:21 AMReply

    It keeps happening because people actually do like their music. If you hate it so much, just poke yourself in the eardrums, eh?

    And about the whole "middle aged women" thing, do your research. Anybody who's been to their concerts, or have watched their concerts on DVD, know that the proportion of males in the audience is incredibly high. Unlike your perception of their fanbase, there are tons of male fans who actually enjoy Take That's newer material.

  • Álisson Campos | July 11, 2011 2:04 AMReply

    I'm brazilian and Take That is not famous here, but I listened to the song and I really liked it. I think I'll buy this album!

  • rubycho | July 10, 2011 6:54 AMReply

    Only middle aged women? I'm 14 and Take That are the only thing that make me happy! Judge me if you wish, I don't care.

  • anony | July 8, 2011 6:26 AMReply

    methinks said "author" has a mommy complex.

  • Mike | July 8, 2011 5:58 AMReply

    Which ridiculous song is better, this or the Sting, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart classic collaboration "All For Love"?

  • scribe | July 8, 2011 5:18 AMReply

    who cares if the name is progressive, they suck and should be working like this. Great representation puts lipstick on the pig

  • Tinka | July 8, 2011 3:57 AMReply

    I don't care about Take That, no one really does anymore.

    But spare all 'middle aged' women the bashing. ^^

  • Edward Davis | July 8, 2011 3:02 AMReply

    Rebecca, not sure i can take you seriously now.

  • Rebecca | July 8, 2011 3:01 AMReply

    Ah I stand corrected. Apparently they released a deluxe edition called Progressed a few weeks back. Apologies, Mr Jagernauth.

    (This is what I get for not giving a shit about their new music and only wanting to hear the actual manufactured pop they sang in the 90s.)

  • Rebecca | July 8, 2011 2:57 AMReply

    I can't take you seriously when you aren't willing to even research properly. The album is called Progress, not Progressed.

  • Zack | July 8, 2011 2:03 AMReply

    As in, "When We Were Young, We Were Supposed to Read 'The Three Musketeers' for English But We Didn't"? It must be about the screenwriters.

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