Harrison Ford

So yeah, just like Frank Vitchard didn't see it coming when his arm got cut off during the news anchor rumble in "Anchorman," nor did we see this. But now that we do, we will dance until the sun rises. 

Harrison Ford has joined the cast of "Anchorman: The Legend Continues." Of course, the actor is no stranger to the news world, at least on film, having portrayed the cranky Mike Pomeroy in "Morning Glory." And we'd wager he might be suitably grumpy here, playing a legendary newsman not unlike Tom Brokaw who will likely (fingers crossed) tangle with Ron Burgundy. But mostly, we're just excited to see Ford step into Will Ferrell and co.'s world, and we only can hope the results are as inspired as this all sounds. And as usual, exact plot details are being kept under wraps "Star Wars" style, so y'all will just have to sit tight.

Lensing is now underway on the movie with Steve CarellPaul RuddChristina Applegate and David KoechnerKristen Wiig and probably John C. Reilly all involved. Get the garland of fresh herbs ready when the movie hits theaters on December 20th. [THR]