Jack White

The filmmakers behind "The Lone Ranger" haven't been wasting any time in getting the word out that this won't just be a standard reboot of the show your Dad falls asleep watching reruns of on the couch at 2 a.m. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted out the first look at Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer over a month ago, and the cast hasn't been camera shy with people dropping by the set either. But this is perhaps the biggest indication that it will be a departure from the television staple.

Disney has announced that former White Stripes frontman and non-stop rock 'n' roller Jack White will be writing the score for the film. And in a nice bit of contrived coincidence, White also has a new album, Blunderbuss, in stores today. Ahhh, synergy. But cynicism aside, this is a pretty adventurous and smart hire. The idea to have him score the film was apparently concocted by director Gore Verbinski and part-time guitarist/star of the movie, Johnny Depp. For Verbinski, this follows in the footsteps of his last western (of sorts), the animated "Rango" that had Hans Zimmer working with Rodrigo Y Gabriela on the score. And this looks like another ambitious choice that will bring an adventurous spirit to the proceedings.

While he hasn't done a full film score before, White has penned tunes for movies, including "Another Way To Die" for "Quantum of Solace" and appeared in and contributed a cover of "Wayfaring Stranger" to "Cold Mountain." But with much more room to play in, and a whole film to work with, we're definitely curious to see what he pulls together this time around. Anyone for a Depp guitar solo somewhere?