A Good Day to Die Hard, Jai Courtney

With "Terminator 5" aka "Terminator: Genesis" now rolling in earnest and headed to the smorgasbord of sequels coming in 2015, the project is taking shape. Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke are on board to play John and Sarah Connor in the movie with Alan Taylor ("Game of Thrones," "Thor: The Dark World") to direct. So who are the filmmakers looking for next? Kyle Reese.

And Variety reports that a bunch of lesser known people—Boyd Holbrook, Tom Cocquerel, Wilson Bethel and Sam Reid—and the more well known Jai Courtney ("Spartacus," "A Good Day To Die Hard") are in the mix for the part. All we'll say is this: if a Terminator wanted to kill us, we'd probably vote for Jai to be our side to kick some ass. But perhaps what's most interesting, is that higher profile folks Nicholas Hoult and Garrett Hedlund were approached, but both declined to read for the movie. It seems that Terminator baggage isn't one that everyone wants to carry.

Anyway, someone will be found because nothing can stop a franchise once it's rolling. "Terminator: Genesis" opens on July 1, 2015.