The Garden Of Last  Days James Franco

Well, here's proof that James Franco is capable of walking away from a project. Just yesterday, dude dropped his 15-minute Gucci short film/advertainment thingy, but as for his next feature? Well, it's not going to be "Garden Of Last Days."

Slated to start shooting in just a couple of weeks, Deadline reports that Franco has walked from the movie, effectively shutting it down, and leaving the $3 million dollar indie on ice. So what's the beef? Well, apparently, the crew Franco wanted to work with couldn't get insured/bonded and when backers Millenium Films wouldn't approve his team, the artiste said sayonara. So far $500,000 had been spent on the movie but now it's effectively dead, as Franco was both helmer and star. Emilia Clarke from "Game Of Thrones" had also been slotted for a role.

The film would have been an adaptation based on the bestselling novel by Andre Dubus III (“House of Sand and Fog”) telling three interwoven stories following a single mom stripper, a lonely man getting thrown out of the club where she works and a dangerous foreigner with piles of cash. But forget about that happening now. No word if lawyers will get involved, but hey, at least it gives Franco a chance to take a quick nap.