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James Gray's 'The Immigrant' Starring Marion Cotillard & Joaquin Phoenix Will Land In Limited Release On May 16

by Rodrigo Perez
March 21, 2014 7:42 PM
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The Immigrant
"The Immigrant"

“I thought there was something very beautiful about exploring a melodrama from a female protagonist's perspective because all of a sudden I would be free from the constraints of, what I would call, macho posturing, male behavior and get straight to the emotional heart of it,” director James Gray said last fall of his upcoming drama “The Immigrant,” which stars Marion Cotillard.

Also starring Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner, the set-in-1920s New York movie, gorgeously shot by Darius Khondji, will see release this spring by The Weinstein Company on May 2nd 16th. The opening will be a limited release in New York and L.A. and yes, it's not going VOD; at least right now. And it's no longer a Radius/TWC release (the company changed gears on that decision). The film will begin to expand after that. 

Included in the list of our 21 Best Films Of 2014 We've Already Seen, “The Immigrant” chronicles Polish émigré Ewa (Marion Cotillard), who comes to America with her ailing sister through New York's famous immigration port Ellis Island and then becomes entwined in the lives of two men: a manipulative pimp (Phoenix) and a kind magician (Renner). A mature and thoughtful morality tale the movie explores—in a measured and elegant manner—the idea of forgiving those who are seemingly beyond salvation (read our review of the film from Cannes here).

In other release date news, Sony has changed the date of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi comedy "Chappie" ever so slightly. Originally due on March 27, 2015, the movie has now been bumped up three weeks to March 6, 2015, where it will face off against “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2" and Fox's just-dated Untitled Vince Vaughn movie.

4.15.14 Update: The U.S. version of the poster has been release.

The Immigrant, poster
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  • Kate | April 15, 2014 5:49 PMReply

    Why you didn't make a new post about the U.S. poster instead of updating this old one? it would be much better! most of the people won't comeback to an old post.

    This is an awful poster! why everyone is shining and looking like robots?
    I can't believe they did that to the french poster!
    And the french poster that features only Marion Cotillard is much better and should be the U.S. poster!

  • Sarah | March 30, 2014 3:11 AMReply

    So the release date has changed again?

  • lol | March 22, 2014 10:55 AMReply

    What's the point? It's already on the internet! (...and so is her other sh-tty movie)
    Both boring as hell. Thank God she's pretty.

  • Sarah | March 30, 2014 2:50 AM

    Well said @Wut!
    @LOL is clearly a 12 years old kid who knows nothing about cinema and should stay with shitty blockbusters with crappy acting!

  • Wut | March 22, 2014 11:36 AM

    you do realize only a fraction of the movie-going population illegally stream movies online, right? the target audience for this film seems to be adults and not children who stream batman movies.

  • wlk68 | March 22, 2014 8:50 AMReply

    Hooray! Finally! I have been impatiently waiting for this film to make it to US theaters.

  • coletta | March 22, 2014 4:17 AMReply

    Finally a release date ! Saw it last november in Belgium, this is such a beautifull movie with great acting performances! To me this is true cinema !

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