So, what do you do when you have the number one movie in America? If you're most actors, you bask in the glory and use that momentum to land another payday gig. If you're James Franco, you go and announce that you're making a documentary about a porn site.

Hitting "Conan" recently to pimp “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” the actor candidly revealed his plans. “I’m making a documentary about pornography,” he said. “There’s this amazing facility in San Francisco. It’s at this old armory and they do everything in house, they build their props in house, so I’m making a documentary about that.” Dana Harris at IndieWire did a little digging, and the site in question is none other than (very NSFW even by NSFW standards). Founded by Peter Acworth, the site generally caters to the more extreme end of porn -- BDSM, pissing, humiliation, breath play -- and because of that, drew some controversy for putting their production house in the San Francisco Armory (which they purchased). But for Franco, he's less interested in the kink than craft.

“Those people in pornos, they’re great performers. They’re selling it to an audience. My girlfriend and I didn’t know that, so there was just this weird movement," Franco explained to O'Brien about his own attempts at making a sex tape. "That’s not sexy at all. That’s really, like, boring.”

He's apparently been at work on this project for a while with Kink actress Rain Degrey tweeting in June (since deleted), “ is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol.” Of course, as with the endless amounts of Franco projects on the go, no word yet on when or how this one will materialize, but certainly his take on porn will be...interesting.