JCVD Expendables 2 Edit

Update: Oops, these are from "Universal Solider 4." Sorry about that. While "The Expendables 2" will be boasting a PG-13 rating to ensure it can maximize the box office receipts, by minimizing the carnage, the filmmakers are still trying to get fans excited regardless. So they've hit Facebook (via Latino Review) and dropped a new images of the cast -- well, images of them posing -- which prove one one thing: JCVD looks even more badass with no hair.

While Sylvester Stallone seems to be continuing his fetish for hats -- seriously, Dolph? -- these pics are a nice little preview we suppose. If anything, Scott Adkins' battle weary stance seems to suggest that even without F-bombs which makes baby Chuck Norris cry, he won't be holding back on the buckets of blood. Because in MPAA land, watching someone get butchered by a machete (which seems to be the new weapon of choice) is more desirable than some swear words. 

Anyway, take a look below. "The Expendables 2" opens on August 17th.

Jean-Claude Van Damme The Expendables 2
Dolph Lundgren The Expendables 2
Scott Adkins The Expendables 2