Jennifer Lawrence The House At The End Of The Street skip crop

There seems to be an unwritten rule in Hollywood that a young actress will need to knock off a horror movie early in her career. Elizabeth Olsen did it earlier this month with "Silent House," and through years people as varied as Jessica Biel ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") to Rooney Mara ("A Nightmare On Elm Street") have crossed this kind of movie off their lists. on the brink of stardom this weekend with "The Hunger Games," a horror flick from Jennifer Lawrence's past is coming back to haunt her.

Shot before the tween franchise, "The House At The End Of The Street" is little scare pic that co-stars Elisabeth Shue and Max Theriot (”Jumper”), is directed by Mark Tonderai (”Hush”) and was written by David Loucka (”Dream House”). The thriller tells the story of a mother (Shue) and daughter (Lawrence) who move to a new town, only to discover their house was the place where a family was slaughtered, and a lone survivor, a young man (Theriot), still lives there. The two kids embark on a romance, but soon darker secrets come to the surface. 

“I wanted to talk about how a parent’s love can help us or hinder us in becoming the people we are,” the director told EW. “It’s very much about a girl who’s becoming a woman, but her mother still feels she can do an audit on her life. The daughter is rebelling against that. She’s the petulant daughter, and [Shue] is the mother who doesn’t understand.” And what better way to tell that story than through a creaky genre flick.

Anyway, it opens on September 21st.