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Exclusive: Joel Kinnaman Says 'Robocop' Will Be Serious & Gritty But Also Contain A Satirical Edge

by Jen Vineyard
July 12, 2012 10:03 AM
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"[Director] José [Padilha] is an actor's director," Kinnaman said. "When I met with him, I was already a big fan of his because of 'Elite Squad,' but I wasn't one hundred percent sure what the remake would be like. It could go any number of ways. But when I heard his version, his take, I knew it would be realistic. It would be grounded. If you look at his movies, they're serious and gritty, so it will have that quality, but it won't be deadly serious. It will have a satirical quality, and it will have throwbacks to the original. It's going to have that wink in the eye, but we're not looking to replicate the Verhoeven tone."

The first taste of that, he said, can be seen in the viral video recently released, an OmniCorp advertisement for the ED-209. "I thought that was great," Kinnaman said. "It was right on." But whether this means we can expect a long-lead viral campaign for "RoboCop" a la "Prometheus," the actor was unsure. "That video of the Fassbender robot was really cool. For us, so far everything looks really amazing, as far as the art direction is concerned, but right now, we're more focused on starting to shoot."

Kinnaman starts shooting "RoboCop" in September, but so far, he doesn't know when he's due back to work for "The Killing." The cast have yet to be notified by AMC if they'll get a third season, he said, but he's not worried: "They took their time before telling us if we'd get a season two." In the meantime, he has a few suggestions on how to spice up the show and soothe fans who were ruffled by the two-season wait to find out who killed Rosie Larsen.

"The attention span of the American audience did not tolerate a two-season mystery, so I think we should tell everyone that the next mystery will play out in one season, but actually take three more seasons to tell it," he laughed. "No, no, on second thought, we shouldn't do a fake out. But seriously, let's get deeper with the characters. Let's find out more about Holder's back story. Let's get in there with the things in his personal life and his relationship with his broken-up family."

And for the fans who don't really care about the plot anymore but just want to see Holder in his element, Kinnaman has an idea for a "Killing" spinoff -- the Holder cooking show. "People love it when he makes the breakfast burritos, so let's have him do the shootouts while making breakfast," he joked. "It'll be brilliant!"

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  • Zinjo | July 12, 2012 5:51 PMReply

    Well let's hope it can stand alone as it's own film like the new Spiderman has. I am skeptical it can be done, but I'll give it a look. I am inclined to expect yet another empty Hollywood film full of sound and fury signifying NOTHING!

  • Evilnik | July 12, 2012 3:56 PMReply

    Jose Padilha's Elite Squad/Trope De Elite duology - If you haven't seen these gut wrenching-ball punching-nerve wracking (you get the point), you have no idea.

  • Christie | July 12, 2012 10:58 AMReply

    Not all Americans have the attention span of axgnat. I personally loved the two season storyline. But Joel is right. Let's delve more ino what makes Holder & Linden tick. We learned a lot about them in the episode when Jack was missing. That was one of my favorites. That would work for me.

  • Laura | July 12, 2012 10:08 AMReply

    Another story on another (in your very own words) remake no one asked for?

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