Joss Whedon Avengers Shield

It’s pretty much a given these days that anybody with (real or imagined) clout in Hollywood tends to use it to voice their political opinions -- just google “celebrity presidential endorsements” -- but few actually use their talents to ensure their message spreads to the widest possible audience. Enter geek hero Joss Whedon.

The “Avengers” helmer has released a tongue-in-cheek pro-Mitt Romney video just in time for the US presidential election. Waxing on the probability of a zombie apocalypse under a Romney presidency, Whedon showcases the same humor that made the superhero-team-up film such a colossal hit.

It’s no secret that Whedon is worshipped by the internet-nerd audience at-large (just look at the reactions to negative “Avengers” reviews), but even so, there’s no denying that the writer-director is adept at actually writing sharp and funny dialogue, and he knows just how to create viral-ready content for the internet, just look at his successful web series “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”

This is likely the smallest project he’ll be working on for a long time as he’s now Marvel’s architect for Phase 2 of sprawling cinematic (and soon-to-be television) universe, with TV spin-off "S.H.I.E.L.D" gearing up for a pilot shoot, and "The Avengers 2" on track for a May 2015 release. Check out the video below, and remember to vote next week. Especially if you live in Ohio.