Kevin Smith Clerks

Remember when "Hit Somebody" was going to be Kevin Smith's next film? Or wait, how about his plans to shoot "Clerks 3" next month? Well, neither of those things are happening, but the filmmaker continues to forget about that time he said he was going to stop directing by lining up yet another project to shoot.

With "Tusk" nearing the finishing line, the filmmaker has recruited his cast from that film—Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks—for "Anti-Claus," a Christmas-themed horror movie. Hooray. The story will center on a creature known as Krampus, who eats naughty children, and things are moving fast. Production on the movie is aiming to start in the fall, and the project is headed to the Cannes marketplace to drum up foreign sales, so presumably if that goes well, everything else will follow.

It looks like Smith is newly inspired these days and is cranking them out as soon as he can. Did we really need a Christmas horror from Kevin Smith? Probably not, but you can't knock the guy for switching things up. [The Wrap]