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Keep Dreaming: Paramount Wants Justin Timberlake For 'Baywatch'

by Kevin Jagernauth
June 20, 2012 9:16 AM
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File this under Nice Try and Obvious Wishlist, because we predict this is never, ever gonna happen. But whatever....

In case you forgot, a big-screen version of the hit TV show-turned-cultural-punchline, "Baywatch," has been in development for a long time now. Way back in 2009 Jeremy Garelick ("The Hangover," "The Break-Up") was hired to write the script, and about a year later, Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka ("The Sitter") were brought on to pen a new draft. And then we at some point after that, Peter Tolan ("Rescue Me," "Analyze That") was hired and a new script was delivered. And that's about it; not much has been heard in a while except for last fall when Tolan said the movie is actually not based on the show and has parts for David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Huh?

Long story short, this thing is still moving and Twitch now reports that Paramount wants Justin Timberlake for the lead role of a disgraced Olympic swimmer who tries out for the Baywatch team. Good lord. Well of course they want him -- he's one of the hottest young actors around at the moment -- but unless Timberlake and his management have been dropped on their head, there is no way they are going to let this guy, who counts David Fincher and the Coen Brothers among the directors he's recently worked with, sign up for a pretty shitty-sounding TV reboot. And dangling Anderson and Hasselhoff isn't exactly sweetening the pot.

So yeah, this will never happen, but keep dreaming, Paramount. And sidenote: with all the movies the studio has been fixing/retooling/losing money on lately, they still think "Baywatch" is a wise investment? Yeesh....

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  • Alex | June 20, 2012 3:32 PMReply

    Fincher, Coen bros, Clint Eastwood...and then Baywatch? They wish.

  • rrh | June 20, 2012 2:14 PMReply

    Justin Timberlake is NOT too good for Baywatch. Overhyped as hell.

  • Sandra | June 20, 2012 10:04 AMReply

    It's a sad world we live in where Justin Timberlake is considered too good for a big screen version of Baywatch

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