We know you were really worried about this, but rest assured, Dwayne Johnson will have a love interest in "Journey To The Center Of Earth 2" and it will be Charlotte from "Sex And The City" (that's Kristin Davis for the rest of you).

Davis joins the hodgepodge cast that includes Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Caine and Vanessa Hudgens. The film will find Hutcherson reprising his role from the first installment and partnering with Johnson (playing his mom's boyfriend) as they go on a trip to a mythical island to find his missing grandfather (Caine). Davis will play Hutcherson's mom is who totally embarrassing him by flirting with the big hunk of man meat that is The Rock. Michael Caine will also be chased by bees, so there's that too.

'Journey 2' is currently filming and will hit theaters next fall. Brad Peyton is directing.