Charlotte Gainsbourg, 'Nymphomaniac'

With news arriving recently that Lars von Trier is writing a Detroit-set horror film and contemplating an action movie, he's not quite finished with "Nymphomaniac." Yes, the film has been released (read our review here), but the director's cut is still brewing. He showed off Volume 1 of his vision at the Berlin Film Festival in February, and while we thought he might bring ‘Volume 2’ to Cannes, it looks like it will instead be crossing the ocean.

Montages reports that Zentropa will be premiering "Nymphomaniac Volume 2" at the Toronto International Film Festival this fall (consider this the first confirmed film for the fest). And you'll want to have a seat for this one. This version reportedly runs one hour longer than the theatrical cut, bringing the running time to over three hours (both director's cuts combined total just under five and a half hours). So it'll be interesting to see what other layers (and how much more skin) Lars will adding to this one.

Given the filmmaker's fear of flying and his vow not to no longer speak to press, don't expect to see Lars in Toronto. But consider this an early big ticket item for the fest. And when it comes to "Nymphomaniac," it's lookin’ like you ain't seen nothing yet. But please note, none of this is official until TIFF organizers themselves unveil their slate later this summer.