Also, Get Ready Kids, Jessica Chastain Has A Nude Scene In The Film

Lawless character posters

Character posters. They're apparently not just for super hero films and tentpoles anymore. The Weinstein Company are getting in on the action and have delivered character posters for most of the cast of the upcoming prohibition drama "Lawless."

Set in depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, "Lawless" centers on a bootlegging gang of brothers who are threatened by authorities who want a cut of their profits. Directed by John Hillcoat ("The Road"), the drama features an outstanding cast of Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jason Clarke as the three main brothers plus Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman, Mia Wasikowska, Guy Pearce, Noah Taylor and up-and-comer Dane DeHaan (the "evil" kid in "Chronicle").

Boys who are infatuated with Chastain (much of The Playlist, it seems) should note: she gets nekkid in the film. "It will be totally embarrassing," she said to USA Today of her prominent nude scene. "I am going to be bright red. I'll have to cover my eyes during that scene." But do not expect her to be exploited in those moments. "I am a woman very much in control in that scene," she added. "I am not being objectified. So I was excited to shoot it. It puts the woman in a very powerful position."

From trailers and clips, Guy Pearce already looks like he's going to stand out in the villain role. "Lawless"' release date recently moved up a few days from August 31 to August 29th. The film screens on Saturday in Cannes, so make sure to watch for our review. [Posters via Fandango and HuffPo]

Shia LaBeouf In "Lawless"
Jessica Chastain, lawless poster
Tom Hardy, Lawless poster
Shia LaBeouf Lawless poster

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