Reservoir Dogs Moonrise Kingdom

This will probably be the only time we'll ever place images from "Reservoir Dogs" and "Moonrise Kingdom" beside each other, but fans of soundtracks and good ol' fashioned vinyl will likely be excited for this bit of news. They are both getting reissued on limited edition vinyl for the upcoming Record Store Day, so read on below for more details.

First up, the tunes for Quentin Tarantino's film will get some fancypants treatment with a release that will feature color vinyl, with buyers getting either (of course) blonde, blue, brown, orange, white or pink. It looks pretty sexy and you can check it out below. Meanwhile, the music for Wes Anderson's picture will arrive on 10" in a numbered series (it's not clear how many are being pressed), but it's a nice little tribute to a film that features some key moments around an LP player.

The "Moonrise Kingdom" platter will only include the score by Alexandre Despat and Mark Mothersbaugh. And to refresh your memory, we've got the "Reservoir Dogs" tracklist below along with the artwork and a look at the vinyl (we'll add the 'Moonrise' art when it arrives). And in case you forgot, Tarantino's breakthrough movie is also returning to theaters for one night only in December. Head to your local record retailer on November 23rd to snap these up. List of stores here. [Paste]

"Reservoir Dogs" Soundtrack Tracklisting

"And Now Little Green Bag..." - dialogue extract performed by Steven Wright (0:15)
"Little Green Bag" - The George Baker Selection (3:15)
"Rock Flock of Five" - dialogue extract performed by Steven Wright (0:11)
"Hooked on a Feeling" - Blue Swede (2:53)
"Bohemiath" - dialogue extract performed by Steven Wright (0:34)
"I Gotcha" - Joe Tex (2:27)
"Magic Carpet Ride" - Bedlam (5:10)
"Madonna Speech" - dialogue extract performed by Quentin Tarantino, Edward Bunker, Lawrence Tierney, Steve Buscemi, and Harvey Keitel (0:59)
"Fool for Love" by Sandy Rogers (3:25)
"Super Sounds" - dialogue extract performed by Steven Wright (0:19)
"Stuck in the Middle with You" - Stealers Wheel (3:23)
"Harvest Moon" - Bedlam (2:38)
"Let's Get a Taco" - dialogue extract performed by Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth (1:02)
"Keep on Truckin'" - dialogue extract performed by Steven Wright (0:16)
"Coconut" - Harry Nilsson (3:50)
"Home of Rock" - dialogue extract performed by Steven Wright (0:05)

Reservoir Dogs vinyl
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