The Master Soundtrack Header

It was only three days ago when the soundtrack details for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” were announced and now, we have our first full listen to a tune from Jonny Greenwood’s score.

While we knew that Nonesuch was taking pre-orders for the soundtrack, to be released September 11th, what got lost in the shuffle was that the pre-order “would include an instant download of Greenwood’s ‘Application 45 Version 1’ from the album.” Stereogum has a stream of the track -- which we’ve included below for convenience -- and it’s every bit as twitchy and haunting as the previous trailers and clips have suggested. And as you may be aware of by now, "The Master" screened in Chicago last night, and you can read our full review right here, but in short: it's brilliant, disorienting and triumphant all at once.

In less than a month the world will see Anderson’s latest in all its 70mm splendor when “The Master” film opens on September 14th. The soundtrack arrives a few days prior on September 11th. Listen below.