The Immigrant, James Gray

It doesn't have explosions or spandex, it isn't based on a best-selling book, nor is it a spin-off, but what we can tell you is that "The Immigrant" is one The Best Films Of 2014 So Far. The slow burn drama about the sourness of the American dream may not be a crowd-pleaser in the traditional sense, but it's the kind of dense, smart storytelling you don't get often at this time of year—or really any time of year. So, it's worth hearing what director James Gray has to say, particularly since the conversation is about film, and not about how (for example) his movie fits into the Marvel-verse.

The director stopped by Bret Easton Ellis' podcast recently, and the pair embarked on a hour talk about "The Immigrant," Gray's rediscovery of his love of cinema thanks to Apple TV, "Little Odessa" and much more. It's a solid discussion, and one that fans of Gray will want to tune into. Listen below.